Terrorist Bomb Boston Marathon

16 Apr

Fucking assholes….. fucking pussies…. it takes a  rancid piece of shit to set off explosives in a crowd of innocent people out watching a sporting event….. I don’t care who these fuckers are (although I believe Islam will have something to do with it), all I care about is the people who planted the bombs, and the people in charge of those idiots, are found and killed.

Yes, killed…. I’ve had it with their fucking horseshit… in fact….

Typical Islamist "Jihadist" seen taking a break from their training, and butt-fucking each other like the faggots they really are.

Typical Islamist “Jihadist” taking a break from training, and butt-fucking each other like the faggots they are.

I’ve had it with Muslims and Islamists and Gee-fucking-hadists, period.  I’ve had it with these closet Muslim cock-holsters running around, strapping bombs to themselves, or dropping them in trash cans… killing people without reason…. I believe the “radical muslims” of this world are really a secret cabal of just plain faggots… they love the cock so much they are willing to die for it…and by proxy decide they want to die for Islam… just to receive 72 “virgins” –  in their case, of course, boys…  fresh young boys with massive, juicy cocks – as a reward… Once they get there,  things will get really weird…as these Muslim “martyr” faggots start sucking even more cocks,… these Jihad-Joes  immediately have huge dicks and thick fists pistoning in and out of  their assholes, and they fucking love it… and…well,  generally… they just continue to do everything they did when they were alive

AH HA!  Surprise! That’s right! Every fucking Muslim “man” that is involved in terrorism is, in fact, an absolute faggot , right this minute!  Why do you think women are such second-class citizens in the Muslim world??  Because Muslim men are scared and sickened by them!  They hate women, they are repulsed by them! Muslim men only want to lay with other men, just like that faggot Mohammad did… lay with other men as if they were the woman….fucking homos…… they want to suck each other’s cocks; they want to caress each other’s tiny nutsacks; they want to lick other men’s assholes….. and, being venomous piles of  pathetic self-loathing pieces of shit, they want to take out their hatred of themselves on us… thus their prissy, limp-wristed  little “jihad”…. fuckin’ fags.

"That's it, Ahmed! Just like Mohammad did it! Ahhhh!!! I jizzed in your mouth! Oh, wait...you FAG!

“That’s it, Ahmed! Just like Mohammad did it! Ahhhh!!! I jizzed in your mouth! Oh, wait…you FAG!

Bottom line… I just want to say it doesn’t matter, for the sake of this post, who is responsible for the senseless, cowardly fucking horseshit attack in Boston…… because to me, no matter how you slice it, it’s a result of the war that’s been declared… by Islam… on us.  Just wait and see…


Assholes at AT&T Hire Asshole PR Firm

10 Mar

See? I've even got video to prove I'm a fucking prick!

Has anyone seen this shit? A couple of douchebags standing on their front lawn gathering information many fucking seconds before their neighbors…… and then making them feel like shit…. to which I say, what the fuck? What total assfuck came up with this shit? On what fucking planet would a single fucking person see this and think they want to buy what is being offered here?

“Hey, honey, let’s go outside and mock everyone who doesn’t use our AT&T phone network shit…. because you know those fuckers have to be put in their fucking place if they can’t find out who won the big game within 2 seconds of it happening!”

Really? Is this where we are? If so, my view that everyone is an asshole has pretty much been validated.

Fuck you, AT&T.  Fuck you.

30 Rock Now Sucks Cock

25 Feb

My God… Season 6 of 30 Rock is a magnificent display of hooking a Hammerhead, bringing it to shore, gutting it on the docks amid cheering crowds, scooping it’s innards out and flinging them all around…. of finally coring the great beast out…. with just a hulking shell remaining….. then dousing the corpse with gasoline and setting it ablaze…we stare wistfully, thinking it doesn’t burn quite as bright or hot as it used to, but then the galvanizing odor of scorched sea life quickly brings us all into the present day…. as the producers of 30 Rock shuffle over to the smoking ruins, gather them up into a neat pile, and, in tandem, jump over them.


26 Dec
Gnomie Gonna Getcha!

Look into my eyes.....and fuck off.

The wrath of Gnomie…..what the fuck…I just spilled half of the macaroni from my Kraft Mac n Cheese all up under the fucking stove burner….so now the house is filling with the Christmasy odor of burnt fucking pasta….YAH!!!!

Fuck you, Gnomie!!!!!


23 Dec

That is NOT chocolate

This is what I'm giving this year....... to people I like.

It’s about 7 p.m. on 12/22, and I am actually wrapping presents. This is the first time in…well, in ever that I am not doing this drunk off my ass on Christmas Eve…… Now, don’t get me wrong- the only thing different here is the date…. I’m of course well on my way to DOMA……. a little bourbon and Mist, thanks to Portnoy, who was fearless enough to start drinking this clearly effeminate cocktail…… and then was man enough to actually admit it. The voices in my head and I salute you…

Thick, Veiny CHIPS

10 Dec
I rubbed my junk on this particular bag....

So good, I just dipped my pants!

Man, I had no idea of what I was in for when I opted for the chips on sale, as opposed to paying $4 fucking fifty for Lays Wavy….. these thing fucking rock! They’re a softer, kinder, and more gentle potato chip…perfect for curling up on the couch naked and watching a Republican Debate!

Oh Christmas Tree!

4 Dec

I love this time of year…household lighting is changed to red and green…nice. Constant drunkenness is not only accepted but actually encouraged! GOOD TIMES!!!!

O Christmas Tree! How I cannot focus