Muslim Asshole Barack Obama Murders Thousands

14 Aug


Looking through the list of un-published posts I found this one, from about 2 years ago…


IRAQ 6/14/2014-

Barack Obama, the worlds biggest piece of shit, arranged the murder of thousands of innocent Shiite Muslims yesterday. He did so easily, as the life of other human beings means absolutely nothing to him, courtesy of his training by high-ranking Islamic Mullah Valarie Jarrett.  His unilateral withdrawal of our troops in Iraq in 2011 was a purposeful step to achieve today’s slaughter, and he laughed and laughed as the reports of the carnage came in. Sources in the White House report Obama and Jarrett were so jubilant about the killings that they “started fingering each other’s pussies”…

Obama and Jarrett and Reid and Pelosi and Schumer and Hillary and Warren are fucking Traitors… pieces of shit who are actively working to subvert and undermine the very fabric of this nation. They are vermin, they are filth; they should be treated accordingly.

Michelle Obama hates Barack, and he feels the same way. They are both gay, so the dynamic of appearing “in love” has taken it’s toll…

barack obama gay 2

Oh FUCK, do I love White guys!

michelle obama gay 1

And I LOVE me some White pussy!!


Reports of both of these assholes hiring and murdering same-sex prostitutes have been making the rounds for years…. Barack preferring to have his boyfriend, Reggie Love, strangle the unfortunates, while Michelle prefers to stab her victims herself- many, many times.

michelle obama gay 2

I really got this “Paint” program down!


It’s 2015 now…. we are almost rid of these vile pieces of shit, and we can only hope they all get together soon after they shamble out of our White House; maybe to celebrate how much damage they’ve done to the country, maybe just to masturbate each other one last time. Either way, let’s wish -really, really hard- that when that day happens, they all die in a fucking fire.

Fuck them.



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