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Assholes at AT&T Hire Asshole PR Firm

10 Mar

See? I've even got video to prove I'm a fucking prick!

Has anyone seen this shit? A couple of douchebags standing on their front lawn gathering information many fucking seconds before their neighbors…… and then making them feel like shit…. to which I say, what the fuck? What total assfuck came up with this shit? On what fucking planet would a single fucking person see this and think they want to buy what is being offered here?

“Hey, honey, let’s go outside and mock everyone who doesn’t use our AT&T phone network shit…. because you know those fuckers have to be put in their fucking place if they can’t find out who won the big game within 2 seconds of it happening!”

Really? Is this where we are? If so, my view that everyone is an asshole has pretty much been validated.

Fuck you, AT&T.  Fuck you.