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Portnoy says “Matt Smith is HOT!”

26 Nov

I think Port might be confused.

Breaking News….Portnoy thinks this guy is hot. Little else is known about this rather troubling revelation, as I am so sickened by it I have not asked any questions… More later, if I can get over the nausea…..


Portnoy says “Amy Pond Is HOT”

26 Nov

Port may be on to something......

My Favorite Mag Cover of All Time….

25 Nov


Ashton Kutcher is a Fucking Asshole

24 Nov

Yes…yes, I know this rancid pusbag has a shitload of money, fame (in a way), and in the whole scheme of things this ass-crack is set for life… good for you, asshole….

I always thought Two and a Half Men was a shitty show…but I will confess to have watched a bunch of episodes in re-runs (never prime-time) and there were some crude laughs to be had for sure….not the point.

The point is since this balloon-knot named Ashton joined it’s just plain un-watchable. He is so OBVIOUSLY an asshole in real life that it just can’t be hidden in the sitcom…….. you spend 10 seconds watching him and your brain literally disconnects itself and tries to crawl out of your ear. Ashton Kutcher is an asshole… he’s a fucking douchebag, a piece of shit….. and as a country we should be deeply ashamed of allowing a scumbag like that to have success as a “celebrity”….. Ashton Kutcher, you are a fucking asshole.

“Allen Gregory” is a Piece of Shit

24 Nov

“We love the cock, don’t we, Jonah? Yes, I thought so.”

Wow, what a fucking shitty show. Oozing smarmy gayness, with additional overt bullshit faginess, this show is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. That Jonah Hill guy who seems to be an important part of this turd is an asshole. He’s an asshole for doing the voice of the fucking 8 YEAR OLD GAY KID, he’s an asshole for being part of the development of this crap-fest, and he’s an asshole because, frankly, the one or two things I think I remember he might have been in have sucked ass, so the bottom line is he sucks. Fuck Jonah Hill, and hopefully this sinks his career. I’d like to have a Big Mac served to me by Jonah Hill, and I think in about a year or so, I can get my wish. Fuck you, Jonah Hill.

Hello world!

24 Nov

Fuck you, World…  I couldn’t care less about you. Lick my bag.